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Lawson's dragon (Pogona henrylawsoni)

The distribution area is limited to the central Queensland, from Croydon south to Augathella. There inhabited the
Lawson's dragon the treeless "black soil plains" with growth of Mitchell-Grass (Astrebla) and earth rifts.


About the lifestyle of
Lawson's dragon in nature almost nothing is known. Unlike most bearded dragons they do not basking on elevated branches or fence posts, which is probably also the habitat due. Instead, they usually bask on rocks and use crevices or burrows as shelter. Before people they flee first in a hiding place, they are cornered, they threaten with the beard and biting the end.

Short description:
The Lawson's dragon reaches a head-body length of up to 15 cm, the tail is with 90% of them slightly shorter than head and body. In addition to the short hind legs and very short tail to the typical proportions of Zwergbartagame include a stocky head, and a poorly developed beard without enlarged spines on the throat. Spines can be found at the rear end of the jaw, on the shoulders and in 1-4 rows along the edges. The coloration consists of a pale olive to brown or yellowish tone with two rows of pale spots between the neck and the shoulder of the hind legs.

Keeping and Breeding:
Lawson's dragon is in terraristics because of their small size and lightweight durability is a popular pet. In captivity, they reach an age of up to 15 years.
For the animals, different temperature zones should be present. There should be a cooler zone, so that the animals can retreat. The temperature range should be in the summer months between 22°C and 45°C, on Sun squares up to 50°C. A Night setback to 18-23°C is useful, but the temperature should not be below 15°C because the animals could otherwise go into hibernation.

The food supply should be diverse, the animals should be fed with plants and with insects. Cockroaches and small to medium locusts are very gladly taken, otherwise salad, especially herbs like basil and grated carrots are devoured even greedy.

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